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Welcome to the first edition of the trustangle Quarterly Newsletter for 2024! We are thrilled to share with you some exciting news, achievements, and milestones that have taken place in the beginning of this year 2024. It’s just the start, and trustangle is already making waves in the industry.

Honors and Triumphs

We are proud to announce that trustangle has achieved the prestigious Fiix by Rockwell Automation Partner Network Certification as a Bronze System Integrator! This certification recognizes trustangle’s expertise in integrating cutting-edge automation solutions, specializing in program disciplines including control, process, and power. Join us in celebrating this remarkable accomplishment!

Shining Moments Unveiled

In the first three months of 2024, trustangle has been making waves in the IT industry, propelling itself as a notable force driving innovation and reliability. Here are some of trustangle’s remarkable achievements during this period:

Product Excellence at TIME Ruba: Makkah’s Hotel Triumph

trustangle Team Achieves Milestone with Successful Shiji System Implementation at TIME Ruba Hotel and Suites in Makkah.

trustangle team has reached another impressive milestone by successfully implementing the Shiji commercial platform system at the TIME Ruba Hotel and Suites in Makkah. As part of the TIME Hotels group and situated near the Holy Mosque area, this hotel holds significant importance and is the largest within the group.

Overcoming a major challenge faced by the Time Hotels chain, our professional team ensured the hotel’s operational readiness by a specific deadline. Despite restricted access to the project site, the Shiji team remotely trained the employees of our local partner, Trustangle. This approach facilitated a smooth and efficient implementation of the system.

Notably, the team implemented various programs as part of the Shiji system, such as Shiji for payments, Shiji for data analysis, the cloud point-of-sale program (Infrasys), and Shiji for room management. This achievement further exemplifies trustangle’s successful partnerships, showcasing our ability to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results.

trustangle Unveils Seamless Shiji Enterprise Platform at OAK Group

trustangle Team is thrilled to announce the successful launch of the Shiji Enterprise Platform Solution at OAK Group. This groundbreaking solution offers a seamless integration experience for users. The advanced system seamlessly integrates with Shiji Infrasys POS, ZATCA, and the National Tourism Monitoring Platform (NTMP) solutions, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for businesses. Users can now experience enhanced operational efficiency and improved management capabilities with the implementation of this cutting-edge technology. trustangle Team is proud to present this innovative solution to the market, revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the hospitality industry. Read the Success Story here👇🏻


Driving Growth: Our Exciting Partnership with Udemy Business Empowers Team Development in the Digital Age

We are excited to share the news of our recent partnership with Udemy Business, a renowned learning platform in the industry. This collaboration will enable our team members to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge, equipping them to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With access to Udemy Business’ comprehensive learning resources, our team will have the opportunity to skyrocket their skills and stay ahead in their respective fields.

This partnership reflects our commitment to investing in the growth and development of our workforce, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise to excel in their roles. We are delighted to join forces with Udemy Business and look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on our team members’ professional growth and our organization’s success.

trustangle Earns Accreditation as Official ERP Provider for Saudi Arabian Factories

trustangle proudly announces its accreditation as an official provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and technologies for factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources has included trustangle on its prestigious list of approved providers.

This accreditation solidifies trustangle’s position as a trusted and reliable partner for factories seeking advanced ERP solutions to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. trustangle is honored to be recognized by the Ministry and looks forward to supporting the growth and success of factories across the Kingdom.


Partnerships and Collaborations

trustangle is thrilled to announce multiple strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors, aimed at enhancing its product services and expanding its reach across various industries. These strategic collaborations bring together trustangle’s expertise with the cutting-edge solutions provided by its esteemed partners. By joining forces, trustangle aims to deliver comprehensive and tailored services that cater to the unique requirements of diverse industries.

The partner companies, known for their exceptional products and services, will contribute their specialized knowledge and resources to further elevate trustangle’s offerings. This exciting development underscores trustangle’s commitment to continuously improving its solutions and delivering exceptional value to clients across industries. Those partners are:

trustangle Celebrates Employee 2023 Achievements!

trustangle & its sister companies recently hosted a special ceremony in 2023 to honor the remarkable achievements of its employees. The event included the distribution of awards and certificates, recognizing the outstanding contributions made by the company’s team members. The following employees received awards and certificates:

Introducing Charming New Roles for 2024!

trustangle, a renowned company known for its innovative approach, has recently announced the introduction of some incredibly adorable positions within its organization. Since March 2024, the company has been on a mission to enhance its working environment and boost employee morale.

Innovation Unleashed: trustangle’s Stellar Start to 2024

trustangle, a leading company in the industry, kicked off the first quarter of the year with a series of highly successful exhibitions and events. These remarkable gatherings showcased the company’s innovative solutions and attracted a significant number of attendees. The events included:

Beautyworld Saudi Expo

trustangle achieves remarkable success at the Beautyworld Saudi Arabia Expo with its prime location booth, shared with esteemed vendors.

LEAP 2024 Expo

We are delighted to announce our participation in Saudi Arabia’s largest Technology Events, held from March 4th to March 7th, 2024, at the prestigious Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center (Mulham). We were honored to collaborate with our strategic partners, LEAP, for this momentous occasion.

Saudi Foundation Day at trustangle Office

Enthusiasm fills the air at trustangle’s headquarters as employees gather to celebrate Saudi Foundation Day 2024. Captivating moments were captured as the dedicated team commemorated this significant occasion, brimming with joy and excitement.

Employees’ Annual Ceremony

trustangle and its sister companies recently hosted a memorable annual employee ceremony at the stunning AlQiddiya Oasis in Riyadh. The event was filled with excitement and appreciation as employees were recognized for their hard work and dedication.

The picturesque AlQiddiya Oasis provided a beautiful backdrop for the festivities, creating a delightful atmosphere for the occasion. The day was packed with engaging activities, heartfelt certificate presentations, and the distribution of awards and gifts to deserving employees.

The ceremony served as a platform to honor outstanding achievements, foster team unity, and celebrate the contributions of each employee. It was a testament to the company’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating the valuable efforts of its workforce.

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