Delivery Route Planning and Fleet Scheduling with Advanced Route Optimization.

Operating an efficient fleet and mobile workforce that meets customer service expectations begins with proper planning for pickups, deliveries and/or service calls.

Descartes Route Planning solutions give logistics professionals the tools to maximize fleet and mobile resource utilization and efficiency. Our tools provide advanced route optimization across a wide variety of planning scenarios from territories and master routes through to extremely dynamic routing environments driven by real-time demand at the point of sale.

Descartes Route Planning solutions help to decrease costs, improve service, increase productivity, and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet.

Descartes Route Management Features

  • Strategic Delivery Planning
    Optimize and build new services, sales/distribution territories and replenishment strategies that maximize customer service and profit.
  • Daily & Multi-day Route Planning
    Basic and advanced features to accelerate your ability to continuously create optimal reliable routes using fewer trucks, miles and drivers.
  • Reservations
    Enables real-time appointment scheduling to make pick-up, delivery, or service commitments that help keep fleet operations productive and profitable and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Sales and Merchandiser Management
    Benefit from straight forward planning and productivity management for mobile workers (sales, merchandisers, and other field personnel).