Honeywell Voice

Honeywell Voice giving the best-in-class, voice-directed workflow processes designed to streamline your mobile workforce.
Simply put, we move people — safely and efficiently. As a result, you achieve higher levels of productivity and accuracy in your operations — helping you to run a smarter, better business.
Driving profitable growth and streamlining existing processes while reducing costs and implementing new technologies is a balancing act. With our deep supply chain industry and process expertise, the Honeywell Voice team can help you identify ways to reduce your operating costs — while supporting workforce performance improvements.
To date, Honeywell has successfully onboarded Honeywell Voice to almost one million mobile workers around the world.

Honeywell Voice Pick Technology Features

Built to guide mobile workers throughout facilities, Honeywell Voice gets them where they need to be, when they need to be there.
The solution is based on an ergonomic headset, wearable mobile device and advanced software that utilizes “text-to-speech” and “speech-to-text” technology (currently available in 41 languages).

Completely flexible for operations large and small, Honeywell Voice software can integrate with host systems of all types — from legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, major warehouse execution systems (WES) and warehouse management software (WMS) platforms to customized systems, SAP or Microsoft 360.
This seamless integration allows Honeywell Voice to assume management of existing processes and introduce new, optimized workflows — all of which are captured into your preferred data management platform.

Data related to worker performance, throughput targets and inventory is collected and analyzed in real time. The software leverages this data to deliver insights about workplace efficiency improvements and provide predictive analytics recommendations about workload distribution — all of which you can use to make informed decisions and meet anticipated demands.

With Honeywell Voice, their hands and eyes are freed, letting them work more safely, efficiently and accurately. The results? Up to a 30% increase in productivity, accuracy rates up to 99.99%, and a safer, more satisfied workforce with higher retention rates.