Contivio Apps support the largest feature footprint of any contact center software in the world. It is a multichannel contact center which provides voice, email, fax, SMS, instant messaging, chat, voicemail and social pop-ups. A user can sit across inbound, outbound and blended communication traffic. The solution is fully integrated with the leading CRM and ERP application such as, Microsoft CRM, NetSuite, Oracle, SugarCRM, to name a few. Contivio patented Cloud Connect integration provides an active search of the caller details (e.g., automated screen pops), thus enabling users to know more about the caller and provide better support. It has an extensive range of advanced telephony and PBX features including IVR, ACD/skill-based routing, queuing, workforce management, and predictive or preview dialling.

Built for Agents

Empower your agents with contact center agent apps deployed as a toolbar. Simply plug in a headset and manage communications through your toolbar and soft pad. No more toggling between contact center applications or fumbling with a phone and handset.

  • User Directory
  • Built For CRM Toolbar
  • Telephony Controls
  • Break Status Management
  • Agent Instant Messaging
  • Toolbar Notepad

Contivio Features:

  • Call Recording & Monitoring:
    Listen in on your agent’s calls in real time, or review previous call recordings by agent within the CRM.
  • Call Disposition, Notes, Wrap Up:
    Select a disposition and take notes directly in Contivio’s toolbar. Program a wrap-up period to ensure agents record notes before moving on to the next customer.
  • Call Forwarding, Transferring, Conferencing:
    Forward calls, warm or cold transfer calls to other agents, queues or offices, and hold conference calls with up to 5 people.
  • Dynamic & Local Caller ID:
    Present any phone number as your Outbound Caller ID, or automatically localize the outbound ID to match the customer record in the CRM.
  • History Search & Agent Reporting:
    Each agent has the ability to track and monitor their own performance and search through their call history.
  • Trigger and Sync Scheduled Calls:
    If you schedule a follow-up call or task in your CRM, Contivio automatically pulls in the data and displays it within the toolbar. Contivio will also auto-dial the number indicated in the task and screen pop the relevant information