Shiji Payment

With over a decade in the Payments Industry, Shiji has collaborated with banks and merchants of all kinds to provide cutting-edge, scalable, and secure payment solutions. Working with various leading industry system providers, Shiji has become the leading payment solution provider in Mainland China. The technology is now deployed globally with R&D resources around the world in Shiji offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to further enhance solutions and localize functionalities and features.

Shiji Platform Services and After-Sales teams offer 24/7 support for IT support, accounts registration, consolidation, and reconciliation, and marketing activities.

Shiji has payment connections to the largest payment processors in China, North America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Australia & New Zealand.

One connection from any business system can connect the Shiji Payment platform to a range of payment solutions and merchants with minimal effort.

Use Shiji Payment Solutions to connect with the desired payment acquirer, directly with a payment acquirer, or process the payment through the Shiji Payment Interface.

Shiji’s system uses token proxies to better process bookings and data exchange with major OTAs and booking platforms, adding an additional level of security.

Shiji Payment Solutions is integrated with many forward-thinking payment processors like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Ali Pay, WeChat Pay, and many more.