NetSuite SuiteSuccess

SuiteSuccess is the culmination of a multi-year transformation effort to combine the unified NetSuite suite, 20 years of industry-leading practices, a new customer engagement model, and business optimization methods into a unified industry cloud solution.
NetSuite has taken a comprehensive approach to the problem, product domain knowledge, leading practices, KPIs, and an agile approach to product certification. The benefits of this are to speed up evaluation time, increase business efficiency and flexibility, and increase customer success.

The four main pillars of the pavilion are:

  1. Build: A complete suite of modern business support including ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel commerce, human resources, and business intelligence (BI) built on the NetSuite cloud platform, and constantly updated with leading capabilities and technologies to support all our industries.
  2. Engagement: Leading practices for every industry and role including workflows, KPI reports, dashboards and metrics, with flexibility to customize on the NetSuite platform from initial sales contact to ongoing support. With these pioneering practices, value is added at every stage of engagement.
  3. Consumption: The intelligent phased approach across the industry drawer in NetSuite allows companies to consume capacity based on their business needs. Reimagined consumption model leads to faster time to value, better ROI, and greater user adoption. Businesses can now go from zero to the cloud in 100 days.
  4. Improvement: Customers benefit from continued engagement, updated leading practices, new feature releases, value-added SuiteCloud partners, and move up the ladder. Customers are also always on the latest version.

The NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First methodology focuses on four main areas:

  • Continuous Customer Lifecycle Engagement
    We take a consulting approach from sales to execution to support ensuring continuity across your lifecycle as a customer, setting your business for success from day one.
  • Built on Leading Practices
    With Financials First, you not only get the program, you benefit from NetSuite’s expertise in financial software. Expert execution enables customers to get the most out of NetSuite and scale quickly with complementary next-generation solutions.
  • Smart Implementation in Stages
    Rapid implementation helps you work quickly with cloud delivery that eliminates on-premises IT costs and automatic updates so your software is always up to date, while a flexible, phased approach transforms your business for results.
  • Business Intelligence
    Financials First offers hundreds of pre-made reports and value-based dashboards that have been developed from years of actual use by thousands of people in similar positions at distribution companies.


NetSuite offers a unique set of processes, activities and systems specifically designed to deliver value from day one including:

  • Full Visibility
    Across the enterprise to operate at the speed of modern business, achieve results and scope. By uniting front and back offices, NetSuite gives companies access to the true financial position of an organization in real time.
  • 150+ Pre-Built Reports and Pre-Configured Roles
    Using role-specific dashboards and business intelligence metrics. Working from a single source of truth, your company will experience an immediate increase in productivity – allowing more time to focus on accelerating business.
  • Fully Flexible Platform
    This allows for customization to industry and business needs. NetSuite allows you to meet your unique requirements and seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.
  • Rapid ROI
    Traditional ERP systems cannot be matched. Streamlined maintenance eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure and support with a cloud-based system that is always up-to-date and customizations that are automatically migrated.