Who We Are

trustangle is a business technology and consulting company that runs the clients’ needs by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

  • We aim to achieve huge goals in the technology market, to expand in the Region and to develop a strong base of key customers by fulfilling their needs with newest solutions!
  • Our approach to excellence is to innovate, create and enhance solutions for core business and customer facing activities of trustangle clients.
    Creating end-to-end business performance and customer experience focused solutions.
  • Balanced combination of local conditions knowledge, Innovative approach to excellence and international partnerships experience.
  • Enhanced capabilities to effectively and efficiently deliver customer experience and business solutions.
  • Adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well as the use of innovative tools make trustangle capable of optimally satisfying the needs of its clients to excel.
  • In trustangle, we run multiple focused business units, ERP & Financials, Point of Sales & Retail Stores Digital Technologies, Mobility Technologies such Fleet Management, DSD and advance Maintenance, Mobile applications & Digital Marketing, Integration Technologies, Smart IoT Solutions and Augmented Realities.

Vision and Mission:

Expanding in the region and spreading our knowledge in order to help all entrepreneur and corporate companies to operate their businesses smoothly and improve their performance. Therefore, we build strong internal processes, adopt international practices and standards to achieve the customers’ goals.


Our values in trustangle are innovation and creativity

  1. Grow Through innovative solutions.
  2. Consultative solutions approach meets the client needs.
  3. Quality always comes First.
  4. Commitment in Delivery.


To be the leader in the technology field by providing enhanced services, relationships and profitability!