Service Industry

The biggest challenge for service providers companies is their commitment to time and quality to their customers. trustangle provides many effective solutions helping leaders in this industry to wave that challenge. There are many different types of services it might be consultation, construction, development maintenance. Each solution provided by trustangle is considered a specialized vertical solution.

Construction and Service

NetSuite ERP is a modern and comprehensive solution with wide features to manage service resource planning (SRP) like work breakdown structure (WBS), costing and quality control. For back office operations NetSuite is also use to manage financial processes such as managing payable, receivable, fixed assets, banking, and other accounting operations.

NetSuite SRP Features

Oracle NetSuite has great features to design WBS where each activity can be assigned to certain resources in a specific time with its pre-requisite.

The direct cost of projects like material and wages and non-direct costings like marketing and public relations activities are logged in Oracle NetSuite Finance solution. Based on that system will help to know the standard costing for the activity and actual costing if needed.

Quality tests sustain management to know the level of quality that has been delivered. NetSuite provides a lot of options to do quality tests for activates in each stage.