Saudi Arabia, February 24, 2024 – In an innovative step forward for the dynamic and adaptive accommodations sector, Shiji Group, together with trustangle, has announced the successful implementation of the Shiji Enterprise Platform at OAK Village, located within the groundbreaking city of NEOM. This deployment signifies a leap in providing flexible, scalable technology solutions tailored to the unique concept of OAK Village, a pioneering campus-style property designed to accommodate the evolving needs of international consultants, contractors, designers, and management teams involved in NEOM’s expansive development projects. 

OAK Village, which comprises 440 cabin-type rooms within the city of Al Bad’, represents a new era of adaptable living spaces that can swiftly respond to the demands of its transient population. Designed with sustainability and efficiency at its core, these cabins provide a bespoke living experience for guests whose average stay spans 50 days, offering amenities such as single-gender fitness centres, an entertainment centre, and a 24-hour restaurant under the management of OAK Group. 

Recognizing the necessity for a Property Management System (PMS) that matches the agility of OAK Village’s operational model, Shiji and trustangle have customized the deployment of Shiji’s Enterprise Platform to offer unparalleled flexibility. This cloud-based solution is not only capable of rapid deployment and adjustment in line with OAK Village’s innovative concept but also offers the scalability required to expand or reduce its footprint, and even relocate with minimal disruption. 

“The unique challenge presented by OAK Village required a PMS solution that was not just efficient and secure but also highly adaptable to the project’s dynamic nature,” explained a spokesperson for OAK Group. “With Shiji’s Enterprise Platform, we have a technology partner that understands the need for rapid scalability and flexibility, ensuring that we can continue to offer exceptional guest experiences even as our operational requirements evolve.” 

Shiji’s Enterprise Platform is distinguished by its adaptability, robust security features, and cloud-based architecture, making it an ideal choice for properties like OAK Village that demand quick adaptability to changing circumstances. Its user-friendly interface and real-time analytics further empower staff to deliver superior service, aligning with the project’s innovative and future-focused ethos. 

“Collaborating with OAK Village on this deployment has been an opportunity for Shiji to showcase the versatility and strength of our cloud-based solutions,” said Kevin King, CEO of Shiji International. “Our platform is designed to support the dynamic needs of modern hospitality ventures, enabling them to thrive in environments that demand rapid change and scalability.” 

This strategic implementation marks a significant milestone in the evolution of hospitality technology, offering a blueprint for future developments in similarly ambitious and flexible projects. For more details on this innovative collaboration and the future of adaptable hospitality in NEOM, visit Shiji Group and OAK Village. 

About Shiji

Shiji is a leading technology company offering a suite of software solutions and services to the hospitality, food service, retail, and entertainment industries. Established in 1998, Shiji has grown into a global entity with over 5,000 employees, serving more than 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants, and 600,000 retail outlets across 31 countries. For further details, please visit 

About trustangle

trustangle is Shiji’s esteemed partner in Saudi Arabia, bringing a wealth of management expertise and resources to the forefront of the hospitality industry. With a focus on legal compliance and technological integration, trustangle is instrumental in elevating the operational capabilities of properties across the region. 

About NEOM

NEOM is a bold and visionary project initiated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to create a new model for sustainable living, working, and prospering. Situated on the Red Sea coast, NEOM is being developed as a futuristic city that leverages cutting-edge technology and renewable energy to set new standards in community living, environmental sustainability, and economic innovation. For more information about NEOM, please visit