Shawarmer’s Accelerated Digital Transformation: Empowering Growth in Less Than 3 Months

“Since adopting NetSuite cloud ERP with the guidance of trustangle, our trusted technology consultation partner, we’ve overcome numerous obstacles and challenges in our day-to-day operations. Previously, defining and evaluating our business performance was difficult, and maintaining efficiency amidst increasing complexity seemed daunting. However, with the expertise and support of trustangle team, the implementation of NetSuite has brought about a radical transformation within our organization. We now experience better and simplified work processes, accelerated delivery, total inventory control, and the ability to provide high-quality services.”

Mr. Ahmed Al-Rasheed, Owner of Shawarmer Saudi Company


The story is about Shawarmer, a company in Saudi Arabia that faced challenges due to manual processes, spreadsheets, and disparate systems. They needed a unified platform to streamline their operations, enhance visibility, and foster innovation. They partnered with trustangle, a technology consulting company that specializes in digital transformation and Oracle NetSuite ERP implementation.

Challenges Faced by Shawarmer

  • Manual processes, spreadsheets, and disparate systems led to data fragmentation, limited visibility, and time-consuming operations.
  • The lack of a unified platform hampered decision-making and their ability to scale efficiently.

The Partnership with trustangle

  • Shawarmer engaged trustangle, a reputable technology consulting company renowned for its expertise in digital transformation and Oracle NetSuite ERP implementation.
  • trustangle committed to delivering exceptional results within an accelerated timeframe, without compromising quality.

Collaborative Approach and Process Development

  • trustangle adopted a collaborative approach, working closely with Shawarmer’s management and employees to expedite the transformation process.
  • trustangle facilitated rapid process development and optimization, ensuring seamless alignment with Shawarmer’s strategic goals.
  • trustangle tailored best practices to suit Shawarmer’s specific needs, maximizing efficiency within the accelerated timeframe.

Oracle NetSuite ERP Implementation

  • trustangle swiftly implemented Oracle NetSuite ERP, a comprehensive cloud-based solution in Less Than 3 Months.
  • They fast-tracked the customization process, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and a smooth transition for employees.

Change Management and Training

  • trustangle developed a streamlined training and adoption strategy, allowing Shawarmer’s employees to embrace the digital transformation quickly.
  • Their proactive change management strategies empowered Shawarmer’s employees to seamlessly adapt to the new system within the accelerated timeline.

Results and Benefits

  • The rapid automation and streamlining of processes reduced manual effort, leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Oracle NetSuite ERP provided Shawarmer with a unified platform, granting real-time visibility into their entire business.
  • Shawarmer gained a scalable and flexible solution with Oracle NetSuite ERP.
  • With streamlined processes and improved operations, Shawarmer achieved an enhanced customer experience.


Shawarmer’s remarkable digital transformation journey, led by trustangle and Oracle NetSuite ERP, defied traditional timelines, achieving substantial results within an accelerated timeframe of fewer than three months. The partnership between trustangle and Shawarmer exemplifies the power of collaboration, expertise, and agile implementation in driving successful digital transformations.

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