Welcome Message from CEO:

As we bid farewell to 2023, I am delighted to reflect on a year filled with success and growth at trustangle. It has been a remarkable journey, marked by numerous achievements, valuable partnerships, an expanding customer base, and the addition of talented individuals to our team. I often receive the question, “Where do you envision trustangle in the next five years?” In this newsletter, I aim to address this question transparently and share our exciting plans.

I am thrilled to announce that trustangle is positioned to become a leading Solutions Provider and Consultancy firm in the realm of digital transformation, aligning with the Saudi 2030 Vision. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability has earned us the trust of our clients, empowering us to deliver innovative solutions and expert consulting services across various industries.

We have emerged as a trusted partner, guiding organizations on their digital transformation journeys. Looking ahead, our strategic focus centers on expanding our horizons and solidify- ing our presence in the market. We are dedicated to harnessing emerging technologies to drive meaningful change for our clients. With a clear alignment to the Saudi 2030 Vision, trustangle is poised to play a pivotal role in realizing the Kingdom’s transformative goals.

Our extensive portfolio equips organizations with the tools and knowledge to embrace digital innovation and thrive in an era of rapid technological advancement. At trustangle, collaboration, partnership, and co-creation are at the heart of our approach. By leveraging our industry expertise, strategic insights, and cutting-edge technologies, we work closely with our clients to navigate the complexities of digital transformation and unlock new avenues for growth. Together, we forge a path towards success, fueled by trust, integrity, and innovation. As we embark on this transformative journey, the next five years hold immense potential for trustangle. We are committed to positioning ourselves as a trusted partner and driving force behind digital trans- formation in Saudi Arabia. With our core values deeply ingrained in everything we do, we aspire to shape the future and contribute to building a prosperous tomorrow. Sincerely,

Introducing trustangle at Glimpse:

Empowering Your IT Success

Welcome to trustangle, your trusted partner in IT Technology & Consultancy triumphs. We are driven by a passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology, making us the comprehensive solutions provider for organizations in the Middle East & Africa.

Guided by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, we are committed to conquering goals and empow- ering organizations to overcome their daily IT challenges. Our mission is to deliver tailored soluions that not only address the intricacies of your business but also ensure your suc- cess at an affordable price.

Since 2014, trustangle has emerged as a prominent technology and consultancy firm, rec- ognized for our expertise in exploring novel technologies and guiding organizations towards achieving their business goals. We have a proven track record of propelling growth and providing insightful solutions that drive success.

When you choose trustangle, you choose a partner that understands your unique needs and is dedicated to your growth. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to develop strategies and implement solutions that align with your vision and objectives.

Trust us to be your driving force in IT Technology & Consultancy. Let us help you unlock your organization’s full potential and propel your growth towards a successful future.

Awards & Recognitions

Trustangle has been honored by the Ministry of Com- munications and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia for its pivotal role in harnessing emerging tech- nologies to tackle critical manufacturing challenges head-on.

Through cutting-edge solutions like Fiix CMMS and Rething IoT, trustangle stood out among the top pro- viders chosen by Itmam Consultancy Co, the Minis- try’s appointed evaluator.

Congratulations to trustangle team for their innova- tive approach in resolving operational disruptions at International Trailer Company (ITC), a leading Saudi company based in Jeddah.

By implementing a predic- tive maintenance IoT solution and a spare part fore- cast system, trustangle successfully minimized down- time and streamlined the parts procurement process, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

This recognition highlights trustangle’s instrumental contribution to not only aiding ITC but also driving advancements in the broader manufacturing sector.


2023 Best Employees: Unveiling

Our Top Performers!

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding employees who have shone brightly in 2023. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication and achievements in their respective departments. Join us in celebrating their remarkable success:


Mohammed Mahaya

Administrative Affairs Supervisor


Ibrahim Qahtan

Enterprise Sales Account Manager


Zaid Abujarad

Sales Account Manager


Yassin Muftah

ERP Functional Consultant


Mohanad Mudawi

NetSuite ERP Consultant


 Fatima Matar

Customer Support Specialist


Aya Hamada

Marketing & Telesales Specialist – Global


Zahra Al Saliti

UX UI Designer


Rahaf Talal

Project Manager


Basel Ghaleb

Accountant Specialist


Ayah Abdullah

POS Department Team Leader


Sana Shrbaji

Marketing Manager

Congratulations to these exceptional individuals for their outstanding contributions to our organization’s success in 2023!

2023 New Joiners

This year, trustangle is thrilled to introduce a wave of exceptional talent and bright minds joining our team. Our new joiners, hailing from various countries, bring their unique expertise and unwavering passion to our dynamic workforce. Together, we form an un- stoppable collective, driven by a shared commitment to excellence.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we unite, learn, and shape a future where trust knows no limits. Let’s meet the remarkable individuals who have joined our ranks in 2023.


Jordan Country:


Egypt Country:

Egypt Country

Palestine Country:

4 P

Yemen Country:


Saudi Arabia County:

13 p

Lebanon County:


India Country:


2023 Significant Milestones

2023 was a remarkable year for trustangle, as they achieved significant milestones and made waves across Middle East. Our unwavering commitment to trust and reliability has led to groundbreaking deals and the establishment of new partnerships. With our innova- tive approach and cutting-edge solutions, trustangle has revolutionized the industry, earning widespread acclaim.

Notable Highlights From 2023

• Establishment of Business Consultancy Department, consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants who possess a deep understanding of various industries and business functions, to help trustangle business units improve their performance, effi- ciency, and profitability by analyzing their operations, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing effective strategies and solutions.

• Establishment of the Demand Generation Department for Leads Generation Purposes: We are excited to announce the birth of our new Demand Generation Department, which has been created with the primary objective of generating high-quality leads for the sales team.

• Introduction of the Eddekhar Savings Program for our Employees: We are pleased to introduce the Eddekhar Savings Program, a new initiative designed to promote financial well being and savings among our employees.

• Establishment of two subsidiaries under trustangle: Lynnc, an Online Ordering Management Platform, and Sanam, a comprehensive platform specialized in camel care.

• trustangle has signed an exclusive partnership with Advantech & Wateen a sister company, to form a strategic alliance.

• We were honored to be part of the successful Go-Live of Raffles Makkah Palace with the implementation of Infrasys, a Cloud POS product by Shiji Group.

New Project (8)
New Project (6)

• Our team was honored to receive an award from our customer “Maqlobah” in recognition of their unwavering dedication and professionalism in their work.


Embracing New Customers with Open Arms!

At trustangle we firmly believe that trust forms the foundation of any successful partner- ship. As we step into 2023, we are thrilled to welcome a diverse group of new clients who have placed their trust in us. Allow us to introduce our valued customers:


Success Stories: Unveiling a Year of Triumphs at trustangle!

Buckle up and prepare to be amazed as trustangle takes you on a thrilling journey through its extraordinary success stories of 2023! Get ready to dive into the captivating world of trustangle’s triumphant accomplishments.

Dar Sonbol

We are delighted to share one of our most impressive accomplishments with: the integrat- ed ecosystem we created for one of our strategic clients, Dar Sonbol Co, Ltd. This involved NetSuite ERP, Lightspeed X-Series POS, ZenHR, Magento Development, and the smart Inte- gration Platform Reachware that connected all systems together. To give you an idea, here’s a virtual image that shows our progress. The story behind it is captivating – keep an eye out for it!


• Kintan

Trustangle has achieved remarkable success in implementing Revel Point of Sale for food and beverage, MarketMan the Restaurant Inventory Management Software, Quickbooks the accounting software, and Reachware the integration platform at Kintan, the renowned authentic Japanese BBQ restaurant chain. These solutions have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Kintan’s operations across its numerous branches in Cambodia, London, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Riyadh. Revel Point of Sale has enhanced order management and payment processing, ensuring a seamless and efficient dining experience for customers. MarketMan’s advanced inventory management capabilities have enabled Kintan to optimize ingredient supplies, reduce waste, and streamline cost management. Quickbooks has provided accurate and reliable financial tracking and reporting, empowering Kintan to maintain a solid financial foundation. Additionally, Reachware has served as a comprehensive integration platform, enabling Kintan to build strong customer relationships, personalize marketing campaigns, and foster customer loyalty. With the successful implementation of these solutions, Kintan has solidified its reputation as a leading Japanese BBQ restaurant chain, captivating taste buds and delighting customers across multiple countries.


• Venor

Trustangle has achieved remarkable success in implementing its innovative solutions at Venor, one of the finest restaurants in Saudi Arabia renowned for its delectable cuisine. The implementation of Revel Systems has streamlined the restaurant’s operations, enabling efficient order management and seamless payment processing. SerVme, the Restaurant Guest Experience Software, has elevated the dining experience to new heights by allowing customers to conveniently make reservations, request personalized services, and provide real-time feedback. Qlub, the Contactless payment solution, has revolutionized the payment process, ensuring a safe and convenient transaction experience for patrons. Lastly, Reachware, the integration platform, has seamlessly connected all these solutions, enabling smooth communication and data flow among various systems. With trustangle’ s cutting-edge solutions, Venor has witnessed a surge in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall success in the competitive restaurant industry.


• FIFOOD Company

The FiFOOD Company, established in 1425 AH in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has achieved remarkable success through the implementation of trustangle’s innovative solutions. The deployment of NetSuite ERP has revolutionized their business operations, streamlining processes and providing real-time visibility into financials, inventory, and customer data. Basher HR for Human Resources has seamlessly automated the company’s HR functions, from recruitment and employee management to payroll and performance evaluation, enhancing efficiency and employee satisfaction. The integration platform, Reachware, has facilitated seamless connectivity between various systems and applications, enabling smooth data exchange and optimizing business workflows. Furthermore, the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 has empowered FiFOOD Company with powerful collaboration tools, boosting productivity and communication across the organization. Thanks to trustangle’s solutions, FiFOOD Company has achieved significant growth and established itself as a leader in the international food industry.


• Laverne

Trustangle has achieved remarkable success through the implementation of its solutions at Laverne, the Perfume company, revolutionizing their operations and positioning them as industry leaders in fragrance creation infused with Middle Eastern culture. The adoption of NetSuite ERP has streamlined Laverne’s overall business processes, providing them with a robust and integrated platform for managing their financials, inventory, and supply chain. ZenHR for Human Resources has empowered Laverne to efficiently handle their HR operations, from recruitment and onboarding to employee management and performance tracking. The crowning achievement lies in the seamless integration of ZenHR and Data Lake through Reachware, the integration platform. This integration has facilitated comprehensive data analytics, enabling Laverne to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. trustangle’s innovative solutions have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the success of Laverne, propelling them to new heights in the fragrance industry.


• AL MAMLAKA Social Dining

Trustangle has achieved remarkable success with the implementation of its diverse solutions at AL MAMLAKA Social Dining, a renowned establishment that brings together a wide array of global cuisines and skilled chefs. Lynnc the Online Ordering Management Platform has seamlessly streamlined the restaurant’s ordering process, ensuring efficient and convenient customer experiences. Fiix, the CMMS, has played a pivotal role in maintaining the restaurant’s equipment and assets, optimizing maintenance operations and minimizing downtime. The integration of Reachware, an innovative platform that connects Horizon POS, has facilitated smooth and seamless transactions, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Jolt, the operations management software, has successfully enabled AL MAMLAKA to streamline its daily operations, ensuring consistent quality and service. Additionally, Reachware InsightView, the analytics software, has provided valuable insights into customer preferences and trends, enabling data-driven decision-making. Finally, Bayzat, the HR software, has effectively streamlined workforce management, while QSR Automation, the kitchen automation, and guest management solution, have enhanced kitchen operations and elevated the guest experience. trustangle’s comprehensive suite of solutions has played a pivotal role in AL MAMLAKA’s success, allowing them to offer the best of local and international brands seamlessly and efficiently.


• Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel

Trustangle’s implementation of the Shiji Infrasys Point of Sale at Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel has been an exceptional success. This architectural landmark, situated at the vibrant center of the Muslim World, offers guests a truly extraordinary experience. With its elegantly furnished and impeccably serviced residences, complemented by awe-inspiring vistas of Masjid Al Haram and the Holy Ka’aba, this iconic hotel has become an epitome of luxury and spirituality. The implementation of Shiji Infrasys Point of Sale solution has further enhanced the hotel’s reputation by providing seamless and efficient transactions for guests. trustangle’s implementation has not only streamlined the hotel’s operations but also elevated the overall guest experience, ensuring that every stay at the Makkah Clock Royal Tower is unforgettable and imbued with a sense of tranquility and grandeur.


• OAK Group

Trustangle has achieved remarkable success in implementing its solutions across the diverse portfolio of OAK Group, which encompasses restaurants, catering services, beach clubs, temporary accommodation solutions, operations, and management. The introduction of Shiji Enterprise Platform, a cloud-based property management system, has revolutionized the way properties are managed, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences. Additionally, the implementation of Shiji Infrasys and Revel has streamlined transactions and provided efficient order management. Furthermore, Lynnc the Online Ordering Management Platform has enabled OAK Group to offer convenient online ordering services, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Lastly, the integration platform, Reachware, has facilitated seamless communication and data exchange between various systems, enhancing efficiency and overall performance. trustangle’s successful implementation of these solutions has elevated OAK Group’s operations and solidified its position as a leader in the hospitality industry.


• Kraiv Company

Trustangle has achieved remarkable success in implementing its solutions at Kraiv Company, an established family-run private equity firm with global investments in the food and beverage and hospitality sectors. The integration of Revel Systems Point of Sale has revolutionized the way Kraiv Company’s businesses handle transactions and manage orders, providing a seamless and efficient customer experience. Additionally, the implementation of SerVme, the Restaurant Guest Experience Software, has elevated the level of service offered by Kraiv Company’s establishments, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The introduction of Lynnc, the Online Ordering Management Platform, has enabled Kraiv Company to tap into the growing trend of online ordering, offering convenience and flexibility to its customers. Moreover, Jigsaw Drive-Thru has optimized the drive-thru operations, ensuring swift and accurate order processing. Reachware has played a crucial role in connecting and synchronizing data across various systems, facilitating seamless communication, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. With the successful implementation of these solutions, trustangle has contributed significantly to the growth and success of Kraiv Company, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.


trustangle 2023 Partnerships

Exciting new partnerships are paving the way for innovation and security like never before. trustangle is proud to announce its 2023 partners:


Employees’ Events: Unforgettable Experiences at trustangle

The office was abuzz with excitement as trustangle hosted a series of captivating events that left a lasting impression on everyone. Colleagues bonded over thrilling challenges and shared unforgettable moments, creating a sense of camaraderie that knows no bounds. trustangle’s commitment to going beyond the ordinary was evident, inspiring and motivating everyone to conquer new horizons together.

Check out some highlights from our events:

– Yearly Employees Event: It’s a fantastic event for the employees, packed with various activities, awards, certifications, and more.

em events

• Egypt Team Outing:

It’s a fantastic event for the employees, packed with various activities and more for Egypt team.

egpyt Team

• Iftar Ramadan:

Iftar Ramadan holds a special place at trustangle, as each country has its own Iftar filled with joy and the spirit of the holy month.


• Ice Cream Day:

It was a delightful day filled with delicious ice cream cones for the employees.


• Saudi National Day:

It was a fantastic day at the office, filled with numerous activities to celebrate the Saudi National Day.

Saudi National day

• Saudi Foundation Day:

It was a fantastic day at the office, filled with numerous activities to celebrate the Saudi Foundation Day.

saudi foundation day

• World Diabetes Day:

It was a wonderful day at the office, filled with numerous activities to celebrate World Diabetes Day.


• Arabic Language National Day:

It was a fantastic event filled with various activities celebrating the Arabic language at our office. The day was dedicated to honoring the rich cultural heritage and linguistic significance of the Arabic language.

arabic day

Introducing trustangle’s Software Marvels of 2023!

Prepare to be astounded as trustangle unveils its extraordinary lineup of cutting-edge software products for 2023. We invite you to witness the dawn of a digital revolution with our innovative solutions that are set to transform industries and empower businesses. Let’s explore the remarkable software offerings in our portfolio:

• Jigsaw: Experience the power of an all-in-one cloud-based Ordering, Payment, and Delivery Platform.


• Wateen: Streamline your B2B Inventory Management and unlock new business opportunities with our Marketplace Platform.


• Reachware: Seamlessly integrate your systems with our IPaas Integration Platform.


• Kayan and Bayzat: Elevate your HR processes with our advanced HR Software solutions.


• Como: Engage and retain customers with our comprehensive Customer Engagement and Loyalty Solution.


• Annoncer: Optimize kitchen operations and enhance efficiency with our Kitchen Display Management System.


• Deliverect: Consolidate orders from multiple platforms with our Order Integration System.


• Carriyo: Streamline and manage your delivery operations with our Delivery Management Platform.


• Eddekhar: Unlock a world of savings opportunities with our innovative Savings Platform.


Introducing a New Era for Our Company’s trustangle Strategy!

We’re thrilled to unveil our revamped marketing materials, starting with our exciting new booklets and flyers. These meticulously crafted resources reflect our unwavering dedication to trust, reliability, and exceptional customer experiences.

With captivating designs and informative content, our booklets and flyers are poised to revolutionize how we engage with our audience.

Get ready for a series of engaging materials that will reinforce our trustangle strategy and drive us towards even greater success. Dive into our new booklets and flyers today!

Bookelts E&A

Company Profile -EN & AR


Introducing trustangle Sister Companies!

Discover the exciting world of Trustangle and its incredible sister companies. Brace yourself for inspiration, information, and captivating experiences as we shape a future where innovation, trust, and meaningful impact come together. Join us on this extraordinary adventure by subscribing today! Our sister companies include:

Jigsaw: The all-in-one cloud-based Ordering, Payment, and Delivery Platform.


Wateen: Your go-to B2B Inventory Management & Marketplace Platform.


Reachware: The cutting-edge IPaas Integration Platform.


Eddekhar: Unlock the power of savings with our Savings Platform.


Lynnc: The Online Ordering Management Platform.


Exploring the Most Significant trustangle Campaigns of 2023!

Join us as we take a closer look at the remarkable campaigns that made waves in 2023. These events showcased cutting-edge technologies, fostered digital transformation, and brought together industry leaders from around the world. Here are the highlights:

• LEAP February 2023 / Saudi Arabia:

LEAP, the global platform for future technologies, gathered the most disruptive tech professionals for an unparalleled event. From inspiring pioneers in global startups to leading tech corporations and venture capitalists, this gathering accelerated progress and embraced groundbreaking technologies.


• Digital Transformation Webinar – February 2023:

Decision-makers from various industries seized the opportunity to be part of an extraordinary Digital Transformation Virtual Webinar. The event provided an in-depth overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with digital transformation.

Watch Our Video

• Seamless Expo – September 2023 / Saudi Arabia:

Covering the latest advancements in payments, financial technology, retail, and e-commerce, Seamless Expo stood as the largest and most impressive event in Saudi Arabia. It showcased the forefront of innovation in these industries.


• The Hotel Show Expo – September 2023 / Saudi Arabia:

The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia presented a wide array of products and solutions, reflecting the trends and future of the hotel and hospitality sector. Recognized as the most influential hospitality fair in the Kingdom, the event served as a primary meeting place for industry professionals.

Hotel 1 (1)

• NetSuite Dunning Letters Online Webinar – November 2023:

Decision-makers across industries had the privilege of participating in the NetSuite Dunning Letters Online Webinar. This digital transformation event explored the powerful new feature of NetSuite Dunning Letters, which streamlines collections processes and enhances communication.

Watch Our Video

– Horeca Expo 2023 – November 2023 / Saudi Arabia:

HORECA, an internationally renowned food, beverage, and hospitality exhibition, returned to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The event showcased the latest trends and offerings in these industries, drawing professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Exciting Upcoming Plans at trustangle!

Get ready for some thrilling developments coming your way in the upcoming months. trustangle has been working hard to bring you new programs and improvements that will enhance your experience. Here’s a sneak peek:

upcoming evnt

– trustangle Referral Program:

We are delighted to introduce our brand-new referral program! As a valued customer, you now have the opportunity to earn rewards by referring new customers to us. Spread the word about our solutions and reap the benefits!

– trustangle NetSuite Training:

Trustangle is proud to present our comprehensive NetSuite training program. Designed exclusively for you, this program aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to navigate NetSuite with confidence and proficiency.

– trustangle Employees’ Loyalty Program:

We value our employees at trustangle, and we have something special in store for them. Our new loyalty program is designed to benefit and motivate our dedicated team members. Stay tuned for more details!

– Website Revamping and Enhancements:

We are thrilled to announce that trustangle will be revamping our entire website and all related materials. Expect a more professional, user-friendly, and visually appealing interface that will elevate your browsing experience. Get ready for exciting changes!

end (1)