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28 February 2023

11 AM (KSA Time)

What you can learn in this webinar

Learn key objectives for successful digital transformation, including vision, technology investment, culture, skills and performance monitoring.


Establish a clear vision and strategy for digital transformation.


Invest in the right technology to support digital transformation initiatives.


Encourage a culture of innovation, experimentation, and collaboration to drive digital transformation initiatives.


Develop the necessary skills and competencies to drive digital transformation.


Monitor key performance indicators and adjust strategies as needed to ensure successful digital transformation.


Discover the expertise and background of the knowledgeable professionals leading the webinar on digital transformation.
Get insights into their experience and skills and learn how they can help you drive successful initiatives.

Eng. Abdullah Bensumaidea

the leading expert PMO & Consultant in Digital Transformation.

Eng Ahmad Jallabi

Business Consultant

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