Restaurant Apps

Increase your profit by enabling seamless operation for online ordering 


Mobile apps have become an essential part of business management in the Food and beverage (F&B) industry. Restaurant Apps also provide a convenient and easy method to access customer databases and manage
your online orders.

Jigsaw mobile app helps you to manage your restaurant 24/7, no matter where you are, and stay in control of all your branches and orders, wherever you are.

With Jigsaw mobile app, there is no limit to what you can do with it!

Your customers can explore your menu and offer anywhere, anytime using Restaurant Apps

At any time, your customer can log into the app to check out the menu and offers of your restaurant.
If they are ready to order from you, they just have to enter their contact details and place an order
via the app.

The app also allows you to track all the direct and scheduled orders placed. You can view the status of each order and even make changes if needed.
The application is available in both versions (an Android app and an IOS app), so your customers don’t have to be limited in their choice of mobile operating systems.

Easy to manage menu and order type

One of the most important features of a jigsaw mobile app for restaurants is the customize the methods for orders and the ability to manage the menu with ease and speed.

  • Menu Management: You can create a menu for each branch separately. It’s easy to manage
    all menus and make changes as you need them.
  • Easy management of menu items: We have made it easy to add different types of food
    (burgers, salads, appetizers). Simply create a new menu item with some basic information like type and price, then use our simple editor to add details such as description, photos, discounts, and delivery fees!
  • All ordering methods are available for your choices such as Dine In, Pickup, Delivery, Book a table, or Curbside!

Engage with your customers

You can use the app to receive and respond to customer feedback. When customers give you feedback on their experience, we’ll send it right to you. You can then manage the conversation with them right from within the app. This feature helps you build a reputation as a great business that cares about its customers’ needs and experiences.

Manage your customers database

The CRM module of this mobile app is an in-built feature that helps you manage your customer database. It gives you the power to manage the contact details of all your customers, track their feedback and loyalty program, and arrange orders, payments and deliveries for them.

Digital wallet and multi-payment methods

A digital wallet is the easiest way to purchase products on the App. You can create your account with just a few taps and add money to your wallet using any of the available payment methods. Once added, you can use this balance for all future purchases on our app.

If you prefer to pay using cash or cheque, we also support several types of multi-payment methods such as (cash on delivery, Online credit card processing)

Save time with automated marketing tools

Time is money, so why waste it on tedious tasks? Jigsaw mobile app allows you to automate your marketing efforts and save time in the process. You can push news and automated notification that is sent out at a frequency of your choosing. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of running your business while still keeping customers engaged with restaurant updates!

Seamless integration with other systems

You can integrate your mobile app with all the systems that you already use, such as:

  • POS system (Revel)
  • ERP system (Oracle NetSuite)
  • Inventory system (Marketman, Unleashed)
  • Call center system (WhatsApp Business, Freshdesk, KeyTime)
  • Electronic payment gateways (Payfort, Gediea)
  • Text messaging portals system (Unifonic)

Integration is one of the most important parts of any mobile app. The goal is to provide an all-encompassing solution that allows you to connect all your existing systems and tools seamlessly so that you can manage your whole business from one single place. With this smart app, you can integrate it seamlessly with any other 3rd party platform or software as well!

TIP: Make sure you integrate all these services into your Mobile Application before launching it so that there is no delay once it goes live!


Let’s make your life easier by using these apps to manage everything you need for your restaurant.