#1 TAC-HR People Software – Easy & Simple to Use

Manage your employees easily all in one easy, simple place with TAC-HR People Software from trustangle.
With #1 TAC-HR People – you will

  • Reduce Time-To-Hire
    Best in-class Applicant Tracking & Workflow Automation
  • Attract Relevant Talent Quickly
    Powerful CV Search & Job Advertising Tools
  • Consolidate Candidate Sources
    Amazing ability to Store Data across all Sources
  • Promote Employer Brand
    Fully Customizable Branded Career Portal
  • Standardize Communication:
    Dynamic In-app Messaging and Letter templates
  • Improve Team Collaboration
    Ease of Sharing User Roles, Notes & HR Assets
  • Measure Efficiency of HR Processes
    Detailed Reports on Hiring Activities

What are the benefits of TAC-HR People Software?

With increased organization comes increased efficiency, but TAC-HR People software can do so much more. By managing the application cycle and internal employee performance, TAC-HR People software can help you recruit, maintain, and enhance top talent.

Having a digital HR solution also cuts down on paperwork, human error, and administrative tasks. If every employee can access their information, they can also make any needed information updates, time-off requests, and hour adjustments on their own. This means your HR workforce can spend less time tracking down employees, collecting information, and updating data systems, and more time truly supporting the people within your organization.

In summary, TAC-HR People is important for:

  • Creating an atmosphere that’s inclusive, diverse, and provides meaningful work.
  • Enabling career choices through personalized learning experiences, mentorship opportunities, and career path visibility.
  • Safeguarding compliance with regulations and laws.
    Paying your workforce.
  • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining the right talent.
    Onboarding talent to the organization.
  • Enabling employees to perform to their highest potential.
  • Fostering equitable workplaces.