Dear Revel customers

The General Authority of Zakat, Tax, and Customs recently issued new document exchange regulations, including technical specifications and procedural rules related to the implementation of mandatory electronic invoices across Saudi Arabia.

In light of these new regulations in Saudi Arabia, trustangle is pleased to conduct an awareness campaign for Revel customers and how to connect them to the smart and environmentally friendly platform “iisal Cloud System”.

With iisal system, Revel customers can:

  • Issue electronic invoices that comply with the requirements of electronic invoice issued by the Department of Zakat, Taxes and Customs, and prepare for the laws of the second phase of the platform (Fatourah).
  • Analyze and determine the purchasing behavior of your facility’s customers, by answering (who is the customer, what, how, when and from where the customer buys).
  • Analyze the purchase basket of your facility’s customers and linking it with each customer, to facilitate the launch of promotional campaigns that suit their needs.
  • Can be part of an advanced customer loyalty system to reward your permanent customers.

trustangle’s goal for Revel customers is to eliminate paperwork and replace it with a paperless service, so we are pleased to introduce to you “iisal Cloud System”. iisal helps companies like you and taxpayers in Saudi Arabia to be complied with the Zakat, Tax and Customs system for electronic invoices.

Why organizations should use iisal system:

  • Analyzing and identifying the purchasing behavior of your facility’s customers, linking them to their transactions, and gaining a smart insight into their purchasing behaviors.
  • Smart, advanced, and straightforward analytical dashboards and reports.
  • Easy-to-use dashboards to help you make smart decisions, such as (percentage of regular customers, prime time, sales and most popular products, shopping cart, and many advanced panels).
  • Dedicated client manager to help you at any time.
  • Customer loyalty system from iisal helps you to include all customers of your facility.
  • An innovative and smart marketing channel, by including advertising spaces on each receipt sent to your customers, to help your facility in promoting during advertising campaigns. (photo or video)
  • An innovative and smart marketing channel, which helps you in smart targeting of your customers according to their purchasing behavior and interests.

iisal also provides your customers with an advanced platform for managing and archiving receipts, controlling expenses, and personal finance for security and tax purposes.

For more information about the iisal system, contact us at:
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Warm Regards