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New Customers

At trustangle, we partner with our customers to deliver the most innovative solutions. Our mission is to deliver compelling narratives, remarkable experiences, and outstanding results to them. For 2022 we got a good number of customers, but we couldn’t mention them all here, some of them are:

Customers’ Testimonials

10Golf Saudi IT Director – Mr. Bander AlThubaity 
We at “Golf Saudi” are pleased with the systems and technological solutions provided by “trustangle” which helped us move forward towards achieving “Saudi Vision 2030” along with providing an easy and simple experience for our customers. We are satisfied with the solutions and programs that have been implemented for us, along with the supporting efforts by the trustangle team in making the use of the programs smoother and easier. “trustangle” has proven to be a reliable technology partner, and we recommend other companies in various sectors to try “trustangle” solutions as they are recommended software development and digital transformation company.


Burj Al Hamam Managing Director – Mr. Jil Assaf 
“We are delighted to list trustangle as our technology partner of choice. Strong of a team I am proud of, and with the hands-on support of trustangle technical team, we have been able in a very short period of time to execute with certainty our digital transformation plans. We took a 40-year-old organization from pen and paper to the fringe of technology our industry has to offer. NetSuite by Oracle is today successfully integrated with our POS, inventory control and HR solutions and more.  When you have a strong partner, a proven technological solution, and the determination to succeed, wishful thinking becomes reality. We have done it!”

10Richy Group IT Director – Salem AlBatati 
Richy Group IT Director Testimonial “Having the versatility of an all-encompassing ERP solution like NetSuite’s was much better than running separate systems, and it can do pretty much anything.”

10HashiBasha – Director of Information Technology – Eng. Anas Al Saifi
I think the market now lacks many professional IT software providers who give you all the support to face your daily business challenges like trustangle. Therefore, I advise them to take advantage of the experience of huge companies like Hashi Basha & consider trustangle as a great choice for every company that needs a suitable technology solutions provider and software expert to meet their needs.”

10Al Jabr Soft Drinks Company, Mr. Hesham Al-Jabr: 
It gives me great pleasure to announce the successful launch of NetSuite ERP in “Al Jabr Soft Drinks – Rita Drinks” one of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which started operations in 1979, as a specialized beverage company, offering a wide range of FMCG merchandise, all work was done with the support of the integration company “Reachware”, and managed to integrate NetSuite with “Menaitech”. I would like to stress how much knowledge and determination the trustangle team has, because with such attitude and performance, they helped us grow fast as a company. trustangle has proven to be a trusted technology partner, and we recommend other companies in various sectors to try trustangle’s solutions and services as a software development and digital transformation company.  

Golf Saudi Success Story
trustangle has proven to be a reliable technology partner…..
We at “Golf Saudi” are pleased with the systems and technological solutions provided by “trustangle” which helped us move forward towards achieving “Saudi Vision 2030” along with providing an easy and simple experience for our customers.

New Partnerships

Working strategically with a business partner ensures a mutually beneficial agreement built on trust and a shared vision. Vendors will sell you what you want, but a true partner will guide and coach you what is best for your company’s long-term business goals, trustangle is pleased to announce its partnership with the following vendors:

New Products Release

Jigsaw is an all-in-one cloud-based Ordering, Payment and Delivery Platform that helps set up digital ordering and delivery systems via mobile App, web ordering, self-services (Kiosk), or digital call centers for F&B and Retail Industries, leading to cutting high costs and increasing business profitability.

Reachware is an integrated Platform as a service (IPaaS) that enables systems to talk seamlessly with each other and allows separate SaaS systems to function as a single ecosystem. New website coming soon

Lightspeed Retail X-Series POS
Lightspeed Retail X-Series is a cloud-based retail point of sale (POS) software; inventory management, e-commerce, and customer loyalty; works on iPad, PC, and Mac. With Lightspeed Retail, you will enjoy managing and growing your business with ease and simplicity.

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft 365 from trustangle is a suite of online applications designed to keep you organized and help you achieve more with intelligent cloud; it consists of a wide range of cloud-based applications and services that can empower your workforce with easy-to-use technology from anywhere.
With Office 365, employees can easily collaborate using email, shared calendars, instant messaging, and even video conferencing using services like Microsoft Skype® for Business and Exchange. They can also update and share files in real time using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive.

Dynamics 365 Business Central
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive software solution provides hospitality customers with all the functions they need in their daily operations. The enterprise solution allows management and employees with the necessary tools to keep the customers satisfied.
Dynamics 365 is all in one solution that helps you manage omni-channel from a single system. For all your sales channels, from any physically located store to ecommerce, to mobile based app, Dynamics 365 hospitality solution is a way to build your brand image and more time to devote to marketing efforts.

With Basher-HR, you will provide your HR department with complete payroll functionality built on NetSuite, it manages everything related to the employee payroll process. This provides a consistent experience across devices, enables a single source of truth for payroll data to improve decision-making, and enable market-leading innovation to meet your needs today and in the future.

InsightView is a comprehensive data analytics platform that is transforming the way we use data to solve problems – and empowering individuals and organizations to get the most out of their data. InsightView focuses on one thing: helping people see and understand data. Organizations everywhere—from nonprofits to global organizations, and across all industries and departments—empower people with data. Regardless of their role, people and teams use InsightView to uncover new insights and opportunities and create a culture of data-driven decision-making like never before.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based online customer support software that provides help desk support with all the smart automation to get things done faster. It has remained a popular choice for companies who want to increase customer engagement and customer management as they scale.

RouteMagic is a complete management solution for deliveries. From food and beverage, construction, workplace services, and beyond, our cloud-based systems provide extensive functionality for order and route management, driver tracking and proof of delivery, customer management and payment

MarketMan is a cloud-based inventory and supply management system designed specifically for restaurants and supply chains. The software comes with a full suite of features and tools designed to streamline and simplify basic inventory and supply management processes, including budgeting, purchasing, order optimization, food costing, order processing, branding and cataloging, supplier management, and more.

Physical Events/Exhibitions and Transactional Ones

The year 2022 was full of successful and fruitful campaigns whether it’s Physical ones or transactional ones – some of these successful campaigns are:

Physical Campaigns

Future of Food & Beverage Executive Dinner – done jointly with our partner “Deliverect”

Hotel Show Expo from the 6th – 8th Sept. – Jointly with our partners “Shiji & NetSuite”

Food Expo from the 16 – 19 May 2022

Transactional Campaigns

National Day 2022: Limited Time Offer from trustangle!

Celebrate Saudi National Day 2022 with trustangle Deal!

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