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Message from trustangle CEO – Maysarah Mishaal

We are always happy to share our latest updates and news with our beloved customers, followers, employees, and everyone reading this latest 2021 newsletter, hope you enjoy reading it. In this edition, I would like to highlight the importance of digital transformation in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia as it is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Information technology & digital Transformation have played an important role in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia over the past decade, it has helped reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, improve services and customer experience which help in reducing labor costs as well as avoid customer service issues.

Moving on to talk about digital transformation in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia, it is a major enabler to achieve Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision – geared towards creating a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation – by building a digital society, a digital economy and a digital nation

As trustangle we have many solutions that will support Saudi Country in the Hospitality Digital Transformation. You may watch my talk in this video about the above topic, I hope you will enjoy it.

Maysarah Mishaal

Message from trustangle CTO – Hamza Abusitta

Welcome to our 2021 newsletter, I would like to highlight the importance of integration in the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia.

Data Integration is an essential part of the digital transformation journey, it’s the tool that helps eliminate silos and re-engage user interfaces. Integration is more than that – it’s an integral part of the modern digital transformation paradigm. To enable flexibility, companies need a unified integration strategy that works in conjunction with a larger digital transformation strategy.

The integration strategy in the digital transformation assist in:

  • Facilitate the improvement of products and services.
  • Enabling more effective operations.
  • Advocate for a more comprehensive understanding of customer needs.
  • Enhancing resilience by reducing risks from excessive data transfers.
  • Maximize productivity by making data easier to find and understand.
  • Improving collaboration between teams.
  • Increase efficiencies by providing real-time data.
  • Improve employee engagement by improving their user experience.

Combining different subsystems across the company will give you an edge among your competitors. It also makes sure that you get more accurate results, as all the data is processed in one place. Integration will make your operations and business functions work together seamlessly. Integration, when done well, empowers leaders and their staffs to leverage the massive amounts of data all modern organizations collect. It is a mechanism for making this wealth of information more usable.

Hamza Abusitta

Our company at a glance:

trustangle is an IT Technology & Consultants firm that runs the clients’ needs by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. We are end-to-end IT Solutions provider covering Middle East & Africa Countries. Our aim is to achieve huge goals in the technology market and to expand to the Saudi region so that we can support in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 which has been a catalyst for our expansion in the country, we will be supporting in offering jobs opportunities for many people & will be an engine for the economic growth.

By partnering with trustangle, the organizations can find it easier to deal with their daily challenges faced by many enterprise IT departments. Our experts help IT organizations make technology decisions that maximize growth potential and align with long-term business plans.

trustangle experts help companies to overcome their daily challenges by offering them the right solutions that will keep them running smoothly with an affordable price, so we understand the businesses’ strategic goals to help them achieving these goals.

Our solutions support the businesses in:

  • Helping leaders to see significant improvements operationally, strategically and financially
  • Better Inventory Management, Purchasing / Supplier Order Management
  • Better Customer Experience, Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Improving their full company operations
  • Getting fewer errors & increasing the efficiency
  • Timesaving & Cost Reduction
  • ncreasing revenues; getting advanced Reports & improving the efficiency in the process across the organization
  • Multi-Store functions, technical & technological support
  • Understanding all organizations objectives and delivering the functional scope
  • Analyzing the business needs and developing a project work-plan according to that
  • Configuring the right solutions in a way that it adapts to all businesses
  • Validating the solution so that it is deployed easily
  • Optimizing, learning from the solution and moving to the support
  • Improving employees’ experience & the efficiency of the HR team
  • mproving regulatory compliance & Simplifying tax compliance
  • Optimizing business operations & reducing operations’ cost
  • Developing strong relationships with the businesses’ guests
  • Implementing an effective revenue management system
  • Managing distribution & Inventory functions
  • Saving time on admin tasks

Solutions and Services

Our teams, equipped with our range of specialised services, provide accurate and relevant information that will help you make smarter decisions, faster and more consistently across markets.

trustangle offers end-to-end services and a complete line of Smart Industry offerings by delivering cross-industry expertise in technology and digital engineering consulting, talent services, and skilling. We support our clients by providing talent and technology at every stage of the Smart Industry implementation.

Our Solutions

Point of Sales (POS): Shiji Infrasys; Shiji Concept; Shiji Payment; Shiji MyCheck; Revel Systems; Renteon; LightSpeed; TCS; CleanCloud

Integration: Reachware; Celigo; ZATCA E-Invoices

Mobile APP & Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing; Mobile App Development; Ecommerce; FineDine

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Oracle NetSuite; Contivio; QuickBooks; Xero

Human Resource Management: ZenHR; Jisr HR; TAC-HR People

Mobility: Descartes; VanSales; Fiix Software; Honeywell/VOIC PICK Technology System; Shepherd

Our Services

Delivery: Unique service delivery following products implementation methodologies catered to meet customer and project needs.

Enablement: Certified Multinational Training Vendors. The company delivers official Products’ training on behalf of the vendors with actual project experience

Consultancy: Project Management services for large and complex project. We help customers, establish and Implement IT Strategies.

Support: We offer Full Support framework with system and performance monitoring.

Awards and Recognitions

trustangle is honored to have received the below awards – these Awards are presented in a variety of categories including overall sales, innovation, technology, services and solution – specific areas. Together with our vendors, trustangle helps customers adopt innovation easily, gain results rapidly, grow sustainability and run more simply.

  • 2020 Best NetSuite Solution Provider
  • Oracle NetSuite 4Stars Award
  • Oracle NetSuite 2Stars Award
  • Revel Best Partner

New Customers & Testimonials

At trustangle, we partner with our customers to deliver the most innovative solutions. Our mission is to deliver compelling narratives, remarkable experiences, and outstanding results to them. For 2021 we got a good number of customers, but we couldn’t mention them all here, some of them are:

  •  Aljabr Holding Group
  •  Golf Saudi
  •  Alhabib Investment Group
  •  Nice One
  •  Al Khozama Hotel
  •  VOCO Riyadh
  •  The Address Caffee
  •  Hashi Basha Restaurant
  •  Delicious Food
  •  Mexika
  •  Rawi Café
  •  Maqloba
  •  Bold Sandwich
  •  Al Jabr Laundry
  •  Bab Almashawi
  •  Burj Al Hamam
  •  Saad Bin Ali Establishment
  •  Maqloba
  • Aljabr Car Rental
  •  Bab Almashawi
  •  Twina sea food
  •  My Life Coffee

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New Partnerships

Working strategically with a business partner ensures a mutually beneficial agreement built on trust and a shared vision. Vendors will sell you what you want, but a true partner will guide and coach you what is best for your company’s long-term business goals, trustangle is pleased to announce its partnership with the following vendors:

NetSuite training

At trustangle we offer NetSuite ERP courses, making it the best place for ERP learners and creating the next generation online learning experience. We offer multiple courses in various disciplines, from basics to advanced concepts. Here are some high-quality training videos created by highly experienced professionals at trustangle.

Click here– NetSuite ERP Playlist

New offices Announcement

trustangle is pleased to announce the further expansion of its presence in the following countries by opening new offices there in order to provide uninterrupted service to our Clients:

Palestine Office

Turkey Office

India Office

Cario Office

Jeddah Office

Our Key Marketing Campaigns: