Top 10 Benefits Of Mobile POS Technology




It is clear that the use of mobile technology in retail is not a passing fad, but is an important tool that can help retailers run their business more effectively. 


Mobile technology connects retailers with customers in new and different ways and provides an opportunity to sell anywhere. 


While the mobile point of sale (POS) won’t replace the traditional POS in the near-term, it will provide options that simply weren’t feasible in the past. 


Some of the key benefits and new opportunities offered by mobile solutions such as CPMobile include:


  • Line-busting 

    The need to get customers through the check-out line as efficiently as possible has always been a top priority for retailers. 

    Using mobile POS, you can now easily manage long lines during the busiest parts of your sales day, avoiding any potential customer’s satisfaction issues, or even lost sales, due to long waits.


  • Consultative selling 

    Turn cashiers into sales consultants with mobile POS and differentiate your store with exceptional customer service.  

    During their decision-making process, help customers to make a purchase, close the sale on the spot, and even provide up-sell and complimentary item options for them to consider to drive even higher revenues.


  • Special sales anywhere in the store

    With mobile POS, you can now consider new ways to drive sales in different parts of your store. 

    Maybe you want to hold a demo or a class in your store to promote a product or category. 

    Now that you have mobile POS, when you get the customers excited and they are ready to buy, you can sell to them on the spot.


  • Return station 

    Every retailer deals with some level of returns from their customers, especially during certain times of the year.

    Use mobile POS to avoid back-ups at the sales registers due to returns, and work with the customer on a more personal level to ensure their satisfaction.


  • Price & inventory lookup 

    Customers get frustrated when there is a question about a price or availability of an item and a store employee doesn’t have the tools to provide a quick answer from. 

    Armed with mobile devices tied back to the POS and inventory management system, those store employees can immediately help customers without ever leaving their side and provide information needed to ensure the sale is made.


  • Email receipts 

    Whether it is to support green initiatives or to simply try to get more organized, consumers are increasingly asking for receipts to be provided digitally.

    While paper receipts can be offered, mobile POS easily offers emailed receipt capabilities as well to meet your customer’s needs.


  • Add customers to customer file 

    Providing email receipt options also provides another opportunity to ask for the customer’s email address and build your database for future email marketing opportunities. 

    If you are just starting your customer information gathering initiative, you can even use mobile POS and have your sales associates get the customers details before, during or after the sale, from anywhere in the store.


  • Sell Anywhere 

    Mobile POS now offers the opportunity to truly sell anywhere that has an online connection back to the store POS and inventory system, allowing you to grow your business in a variety of ways.

    Whether it is setting up the sidewalk and parking lot tent sales just outside your store or taking your products wherever your customers gather, there are no longer restrictions on selling within the four walls of your store.


  • Use mobile POS when needed

    By providing an optional seasonal subscription for mobile POS, you can manage your overall POS investment to make sure you have optimized your retail systems deployment to meet your needs during the busiest times of the year.


  • Use mobile POS where needed 

    If you have multiple stores, share the mobile POS devices across your locations so they can be used where and when it makes the most sense. 

    Perhaps there is a special weekend sale or event at one location that will drive increased traffic for several days there. Bring the mobile POS from the other stores to manage the crowds, and then move them back to their original locations when done. No need to worry about software licensing at individual locations.


By blending a traditional POS strategy with a mobile POS strategy, retailers have more flexibility to leverage the power of a sophisticated retail management system while taking advantage of the capabilities offered by mobile devices to run their business, connect with customers, and sell anywhere!