FineDine Tablet Menu:

trustangle offers a SaaS menu management platform and a responsive digital menu app which allows restaurant managers to create operational e-menu on iPads and Android tablets.”

FineDine Menu is a hassle-free menu management platform and a responsive digital menu. Display your menus on tablets to improve customer experience, streamline your ordering process and increase efficiency in your restaurant.

FineDine provides many benefits for customers and the organizations such as reducing costs, increasing convenience, and fasting any transaction.

FineDine Features:

  • Multi-Language
  • Cross-Selling
  • Allergen Warnings
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Cloud-Based Control Panel
  • Campaign Management
  • Online Application
  • Self-Service (Kiosk Mode)

The multifunctional of self-service devices have the following features:

  • Solid and exquisite chaises,
  • Modular Design, easy to operate,
  • Organized cable management makes the floor stand blends simplicity with style,
  • Rich peripheral optional, Easy customization.

Great devices to host the following solution:

Queuing Management.
Ordering System for customer.
Customers’ Feedback.
Remote help desk and customer support.
Business Process Management.