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ReadTheWords.com is a free, internet based service that assists folks with written material. We do that through the use of TTS Technology, or Text To Speech Technology. Users of our service can generate a clear sounding audio file from virtually any written material. We generate a voice that reads the phrases out loud, that you request us to read.

We offer users numerous methods to let us know what to learn. You possibly can always write textual content, or copy textual content from another file, and paste it into our textual content field. We also have a file upload section, where you can add any Microsoft office doc, Adobe PDF, txt, and HTML document. You can too tell us an internet site deal with, or RSS feed url, and we are able to read that as properly.

We’ve 15 voices, and you’ll select any reader you want to. There is a dropdown record with samples of every readers voice. You may hear a sample before you create your reading.

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