Retail Industry:

Retail business needs to operate smoothly in showrooms, one important tool to do that is having a POS which is a full platform system that facilitates the sale operations with a complete CRM, discounts schema management and inventory management.

These systems support all retail and Food &beverage in addition to many other business verticals like Laundry, Hotels, Salons, etc…  Moreover, our POS systems have an open API that facilitates the integration with many different systems.

The back-office system (ERP) will be used by top management and decision-makers who will have their tailored dashboards to help them monitoring, follow up, and decide based on an integrated system. ERP will facilitate in managing finance, supply chain, and HR with seamless integration to the POS.


The fastest, most reliable POS backed by industry-leading support experts. Create your menu, take orders, update your floor plan all on the go. Internet or no Internet, it’s business as usual. Lightspeed Restaurant POS won’t miss a shift.

Lightspeed Retail Features:

Find products from the biggest vendors in our pre-loaded catalogs, and add style, size, and color variants to a single product or categorize your items with relevant custom labels also you need stock from multiple vendors to save time (and money) by creating a single purchase order. Finally create work orders, special orders, and layaways for customers directly in the system.

Mobility and Cloud:
Bring your pos where shoppers are and clear up the cash register area faster. Walk with customers as you show them your products, images, and full descriptions. Get new staff up to speed in no time and with our intuitive and easy to learn interface. Check your inventory count and the status of incoming stock from any mobile device.

Reporting and Analytics:
No matter where you go, your data is updated in real time and always accessible so you constantly know how your business is doing. The integrated time clock and staff reports help you keep track of your employees’ ins and outs and sales.

Drive loyalty and ensure your customers come back with a suite of CRM tools. Anticipate your customers’ future purchase and invest in the customers that will remain loyal. See what your customers buy across channels and easily make suggestions relevant to their tastes.
VIP, regular or employees: identify your different customers with statuses so you can automate special discounts.