Manufacturing Industry

Many factories suffer from controlling their production schedule, demand planning, costing, quality control and maintenance management. trustangle helps customers to manage all the previous by utilizing so many features in Oracle NetSuite.

NetSuite Manufacturing Features

  • Production schedule
    Oracle NetSuite has great features to design bill of material (BOM), production capacity, shop floor management and routing which allow easy control and planning for production.
  • Demand planning
    While all procurement, sales and inventory activities are managed effectively in NetSuite, then the demand planning is also well controlled in NetSuite
  • Costing
    Direct cost of production like material and wages and non-direct costing like marketing and public relations activities are logged in Oracle NetSuite Finance solution. Based on that system will help to know the standard costing for the item and actual costing if needed.
  • Quality control
    Quality tests sustain management to know the level of quality has been produced. NetSuite provides a lot of options to do quality tests for finish goods, Simi-finish goods, and raw materials.
  • Maintenance management
    Preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, and urgent maintenance are maintained in NetSuite with all required information such as spare parts, technicians’ competences, and fixed assets details. All these data will assure perfect control for maintenance operations.