Success Talks:

Founded on the warm and generous spirit of Lebanese hospitality, the first branch of Burj Al Hamam’s restaurant and food catering concept opened in Riyadh back in 1979, on the Takhassusi Road. Today, Burj Al Hamam operates 3 restaurant brands from QSR to fine dining along with catering, over 12 branches across the capital.

Four decades of exceptional hospitality are injected in each of its concepts, continuing to raise the bar of Lebanese cuisine and food service in Saudi Arabia.

With its accelerate growth launched in 2018, Burj Al Hamam was looking for a cloud-based ERP that can future-proof their business with one source of Data. Trustangle provided them witha one-stop-shop solution through NetSuite, a platform that easily integrated with their many other solutions, helping themfast-track their growth on solid grounds.

Since then and after several successful implementations, Trustangle, an Oracle NetSuite distinguished partner, became a technology partner of choicefor Burj Al Hamam.

Before implementing Oracle NetSuite, Burj Al Hamam lacked proper and timely visibility over their business performance and had challenges in maintaining efficiencies while growing their business.

Since successfully implementing NetSuite, the management team was able to take a broader control over the many essential aspects of the business, enabling faster and better decision-making, while giving the opportunity to optimize cost efficiency.

Testimonial from Burj Al Hamam CEO – Mr. Jil Assaf

“We are delighted to list Trustangle as our technology partner of choice. Strong of a team I am proud of, and with the hands-on support of Trustangle technical team, we have been able in a very short period of time to execute with certainty our digital transformation plans. We took a 40-year-old organization from pen and paper to the fringe of technology our industry has to offer.

NetSuite by Oracle is today successfully integrated with our POS, inventory control and HR solutions and more. 

When you have a strong partner, a proven technological solution, and the determination to succeed, wishful thinking becomes reality. We have done it!”