Cloud computing is revolutionizing the business world on several levels. Cloud technology allows companies and individuals to easily access computer programs and other information that is based at a remote site. Companies and individuals can reduce their overall costs and get by with less computing power by storing the programs and information on remote servers.

However, there are also disadvantages with cloud computing as well. Certain technical requirements have to be met to take full advantage of the platform. The technology can also limit your access to vital information and programs during unforeseen problems with the remote servers. This technology has not been perfected yet, so users will have to decide if using the platform is worth the effort and the risk.

Advantages to cloud computing -There is no need to have an expensive, high power computer
-No need to load your hard drive with several programs
-Several programs stored on the cloud are free to use
-Almost unlimited storage
-Access documents almost anywhere

Cloud computing can be a very economical solution for a number of users, from businesses to individuals. Because the programs are stored on a remote server, users don’t need expensive powerful computers or to spend hundreds of dollars on individual programs. The cloud lets you have free access to many useful programs.