Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners are chosen by both independent developers and point of sale (POS) retail merchants, like Hobby Lobby, American Greetings, Jake’s Fireworks and Mercedes for their mainstream tablet solutions.


The Series 7 models (7Ci, 7Mi, 7Qi,7Pi) offer data capture and delivery solutions that allow their businesses to run smoother, so customers are more fulfilled.


With the help of Socket Mobile’s scanners, retailers like Hobby Lobby are able to check their inventory of products in real-time, for better customer service.


The business also maintains their front counter service with their mPOS system, using the iPad® along with Socket Mobile’s quick and easy-to-use barcode scanners.


American Greetings uses part-time merchandisers to replenish stock of their greetings cards at their distributors’ stores.


Using scanners for field service with their Android tablets, Socket Mobile has helped deploy a dependable system for American Greetings to track and sell their products at varying locations.


As one of the largest distributors of consumer class fireworks, Jake’s Fireworks relies on seasonal pop-up shops, which require out of the box POS usage, with quick and easy installation for their seasonal staff.


Using Socket Mobile’s Colorful Series 7 barcode readers, their POS system has become the well-oiled machine, providing real-time status on inventory to decipher better decision-making for improved product distribution.


The upscale and temporary locations must uphold their visitors’ expectations while maintaining the same customer experience.


Socket Mobile’s scanners help keep a smooth transition from one location to the next.


Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode readers enable quick access to inventory; businesses are armed with easy-to-use data capture and delivery solutions for quicker responses to customers.  A happy customer is a loyal customer.


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